Vacation Rentals: Take a Close Look at the Property Description Beforehand

“It’s easy to get too caught up with all the excitement when planning a vacation trip. Still, you would do well to exercise some caution before jumping the gun on a vacation deal. Sure, vacation rentals can offer a convenient package, designed to cover all your needs for the duration of your stay in Branson but it still pays to know exactly what you’ll be getting in the bargain. This is why it’s recommended for vacationers to check the property and amenities carefully before heading for the road. Here are a few matters you might want to review.

What exactly is included?

Most companies throw in a lot of useful amenities to sweeten the deal and make your stay more comfortable. For example, in Branson, most lodging includes access to internet, phone, cable TV, and a full set of appliances…but some do not. Before you begin packing your bags and heading down to Branson, make sure you know what exactly comes along with your preferred lodging option.


Vacation Rentals: Where to Stay While Your Family Play in Branson

If you are a first-time visitor to Branson, Missouri, you may be overwhelmed by the choices you have for lodging. People passing through or only staying for a night or two may do very well with a hotel or motel along the “strip,” but if you are planning to vacation in the area, you may want to give some thought to your accommodations. That is because there is simply so much to do and so many people doing it.
The range of Branson lodging options available to vacationers is adaptable to most budgets and needs. If you have any difficulty finding the perfect place to sit back and relax, give a call to one of the vacation professionals like Tom at who can make the task seem effortless.

New, Luxurious and Comfortable Home Upgrades to Our Vacation Rentals

As a sign of our dedication to our guests’ comfort, Branson Regal has added some new, luxurious and comfortable upgrades to one of our most popular vacation rentals. The Stonebridge Resort Executive Home, being our flagship product is already perfect in and of itself but we always want to do our very best when it comes to our guests. This is why we have decided to take it up a notch for groups and families looking to spend the holidays in the beautiful city of Branson, Missouri.

The Stonebridge Resort Executive Home is a six bedroom, home with 4,200 sq. ft. of floor area. This massive house can easily accommodate up to twenty people but smaller groups with fewer people can also enjoy the extra space. In fact, our new pricing offers significant discounts to smaller groups.

Vacation Rentals Company Announces New Pricing Structure for Guests

Branson vacation rentals company Branson Regal announces the implementation of a new pricing structure designed to help its clients save a lot of money on rental rates and taxes.

Traditionally, most companies use a fee structure that bundles every expense together, which is similar to how hotels price rooms. In this set-up, everything gets a tax charge, but guests were comfortable with its simplicity. Later on, the company saw changes in the vacation rental market, one of which is that guests have gradually embraced more complex pricing schemes as long as they can save money in the process.

Branson Regal Acquires Two New Vacation Rentals in Stonebridge Resort

Branson Regal, a go-to travel agency for vacation rentals in Branson, is glad to announce its acquisition of two new properties to be added to its diverse selection of available lodgings. These are 1-Br, 1.5Ba lodges both managed by Stonebridge Resort. Nestled in 3,200 acres of lush green forests, flowing creeks, and foothills, the community is one of the top holiday destinations for couples, groups, and solo travelers who wish to experience the best of what Branson has to offer.
Lakeside Luxury Lodge (73b) is right on the shore of Fox Hollow Lake. On the other hand, Woodland Romance Lodge (78b) is more secluded, set in the woods overlooking Fox Hollow Creek. Both units are fully-renovated and furnished with new mattresses and carpeting, as well as flat-screen HDTVs in the bedrooms and living rooms, among other improvements.

Book Branson Vacation Rentals Now and Get Great Deals for Dad and Mom

There isn’t a better time than now to treat Mom and Dad. Not only are May and June your special months, but Branson Regal is also offering a two-in-one special for you at this time. When you book our quality Branson vacation rentals from May 15th to July 1st, you get to enjoy the services of a Personal Concierge for FREE. Our exclusive concierge services will be provided by a Branson resident who is knowledgeable of the activities, culture, and places to visit in the city.

Book Branson Vacation Rentals Until May 21 and Get Up to 46% Discount

Branson, MO is one of the prime destinations in the Show-Me State—one which definitely deserves a visit this coming Mother’s Day. Take your beloved Mom (or wife) on a tour to experience Branson’s sights and sounds. Listen to the greatest hits of ABBA, Bee Gees, and Neil Sedaka, go on a sublime Branson Limousine Wine & Shine Tour, and do a lot more!

If you’re worrying about lodging, do not fret. Branson Regal, a provider of Branson vacation rentals, offers a discount you’ll never get anywhere else. Book three nights at our Luxury Executive Home in Stonebridge Resort from April 20th through May 21st and you’ll get a 10% discount for the first two nights – plus the third night FREE! In addition, small groups of 12 persons and below can get an additional 10% OFF, totaling a massive 46% discount overall!