Fishing at Table Rock Lake: Things You Should Know

There’s a lot more to fishing than casting your line as far away as you can into the waters. The benefits of this activity go beyond just getting a basket of seafood for dinner. As a matter of fact, a number of studies show that it has its mental benefits as well. Ask any fishing enthusiast their reason of going outdoors with their tackle box, and you will always get this answer: freedom. In other words, fishing can be a stress reliever.

Table Rock Lake in Branson, Missouri is one of the country’s best places to go fishing. Before getting into the groove, though, here are things you should know.

When to Fish Matters

For better success at catching fish, especially bass, when to go to the lake plays a role. There’s a certain time of the year when the waters of the Table Rock Lake are the clearest, and this is when you would want to go, especially when you’re a beginner at fishing. Visibility can be at least 10 feet in the month of November and through April.

Mind the Current

Knowing the flow of the water is also a key to fishing success. If you’re after bass, your baitfish must often follow the water current. Bass found in Table Rock Lake eats mostly Shad, so this should be your bait of choice.

Pick the Best Location

Before going fishing, know what type of fish swims at exactly where. One rule of thumb is to know their food sources and where they can be found throughout the year. Make a point to ask locals or do your own research.


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